2 Franchises Rolled into 1 SparkleWash® the Commercial Pressure Washing Experts

SparkleWash® International
the Commercial Pressure Washing Experts

- Ever thought of owning your own simple and unique business franchise?
- How about owning 2 franchises all rolled in to 1 affordable franchise?

- Do you want a tested and proven brand?
- Do you want to be a sole owner-operator or a multi-unit entrepreneur?
- Do you like being able to live an active and flexible lifestyle?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this may be the most important paragraph you ever read. Overall, the residential and commercial pressure washing industry represents an annual $24 Billion dollar industry and it continues to grow.

Question: Is the SparkleWash brand/business model capable of capitalizing on this tremendous pressure-washing and sealing/coating industry growth?
Answer: Absolutely yes. Check out www.sparklewash.com

Question: Does SparkleWash possess the necessary characteristics as a company to succeed in this industry?
Answer: Absolutely yes. Check out http://www.sparklewash.com/franchise.html

Question: Is the SparkleWash brand unique enough and is the business model simple enough to make financial success realistically achievable?
Answer: Absolutely yes. Sparkle Wash has been in business since 1965. Nobody knows the business better than we do. Nobody.

Question: Do we trust in the model/brand that we’ve built, tested, and proven to be successful?
Answer: Absolutely yes. SparkleWash is a unique and dependable brand that’s continually proving it’s got what it takes to survive and grow. Our safe, simple, and easy to provide pressure washing and sealing/coating services are in constant demand by fleet owners, residential customers, commercial contractors, and civic institutions.

Make a no-cost no-obligation call today to find out more. 800-31-0770. I will personally help you plan out your future. Realistically it takes about $50K to get a solid start.

Thomas E. Yuhas, MA
Vice President, Franchise Development
SparkleWash® International
the Commercial Pressure Washing Experts
7599 First Place
Oakwood, OH 44146
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/sparklewash

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